Sergio Donati

My name is Sergio Donati. My experience begins in the Milan of the 70s,
where I land for a competition won on the railway. It's not my way, I feel it.
I find myself by chance, but I don't know if it was really a coincidence, at number 1 of Corso Buenos Aires,
in a beautiful shop and not only in memory. A strict and excellent school that
eight years later he took me to the opening of my shop in Perugia.
My teacher had taught me that if you don't risk something, you risk even more!
It was 1985. Perugia had many beautiful realities for men's clothing! Years have passed
of work, done with pleasure and passion and I am still here, among the few who believe in clothing
as a sign of one's identity.
My passion is outerwear, rigorously covered in canvas and in 35 years of activity I have never departed from the search for quality and style.

Our Values



The set of intrinsic characteristics of the material and the beauticians of their realization.



The key feature that allows for identification.



The choice that reflects the personality.

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